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White with Blue Tracers Rope Leash

White with Blue Tracers Rope Leash

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6 foot long 3/8" soft white polyester blend rope with light blue tracers.  These leashes feature a solid brass trigger snap and solid brass welded ring spliced in at the handle. Suitable for 9lbs and up.

Undyed and dyed blue line available.



Current inventory:  I salvaged this line from the Point Judith, RI fishing pier on September 14, 2017.


February 2017: This first of this rope was found washed ashore on New England Patriots Day, February 7, 2017, just north of Boston on Winthrop beach.  This leash is a soft polyester blend white leash with blue tracers.  There is a limited supply of this rope available and the last from this batch sold in early September 2017.