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The Teal Tangle Leash

The Teal Tangle Leash

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2022 batch from Net Your Problem in Maine


This old batch of Teal Tangle line I cleaned up off the beach on Block Island May 4-6, 2018. These leashes are a thicker line, but lightweight and dry quickly.  They feature a solid brass bolt snap, and solid brass ring spliced in at the handle to attach a poop bag dispenser to, or whatever you need!  


This line is a 5/8” diameter and is recommended for dogs 30lbs and over


These leashes are crafted from rope I first cleaned off the beaches of Block Island, Rhode Island during my solo cleanup trip September 13-14, 2017.  I returned for another quick cleanup trip May 4-7, 2018 and have “restocked” this line.

The 3ft Yellow leashes are made from rope that was tied in as markers on the teal tangle so they are listed here as well as separately.

Purchasing this leash will help fund the Block Island cleanup trips, and others, but 10% of this purchase will also be donated to the Block Island Conservancy.  10% of all items crafted from Block Island found material will be donated back to help to Block Island Conservancy conserve Block Island and keep it clean.


Custom orders may be available upon request.