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Atlantic Surf Clam Shells from Maine

Atlantic Surf Clam Shells from Maine

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March 2024: ANY ORDERS for shells should be considered pre-orders and will be for filled in the order they are received, and become available.  
Under 4” and over 6” are less common on collections.

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Large Atlantic Surf clam shells from the coast of Maine.

“The Atlantic surfclam (Spisula solidissima) is the largest bivalve in the western North Atlantic, reaching a maximum length of 226 mm (commercial minimum size: 120 mm in USA and 90 mm in Canada) and longevity of 37 years in the Middle Atlantic Bight population.”

I personally use my own as soap dishes, jewelry dishes, and business card holders.  They are also popular for painting, decoupage, and for baking with. 

The shells are each 1-2” deep at the deepest part and are available for sale by size at their largest measurement across. They are each 3-7” the hinge to the ventral margin.


*Available inventory may vary. If you require a certain size or size range and need them by certain time, please be sure to include that in a note section of your order and/or email 

If any of your shells are damaged in transport and you would like a refund or replacement for your next order you must notify me as soon as you open the package, and include a photo of the exterior of the package, including an image with the label, as well as the packaging and damaged contents so an insurance claim can be filed for a refund.  Must be sent within 2 weeks of receipt.