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Help Us Move!  Please read

Help Us Move! Please read

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Update September 9, 2023: We had what seemed to be a perfect rental- location, set up, price, accessibility for the dogs, but unfortunately the landlord broke our agreement early (among other unforeseen issues that were very unnecessary and disregulating that I won’t get in to for our safety). We had 2 weeks notice to our rental would be ending 6 weeks early, and due to the constant stressors in that space impacting my income, short notice, and limited housing (coupled with needing a maximum of a few steps mac in to a living space for the dogs) we are currently living in my car.  That means very minimal income as I am unable to do my in home pet care or create/store or easily ship anything WashAshore Store.  Moving this often is a constant financial drain with not enough saved to secure the space so asking for support either by contributing, purchasing items and/or sharing this once again!

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The original Situation 

The house we planned to live and grow in for a year was changed to Tenant at Will with 60 days notice just 4.5 days prior to taking occupancy.  With no time to find anything else, we moved in as had been the plan for months prior.  Unfortunately this put us in a situation of extreme housing instability, with the potential for the 60 days notice to come at any time.  On June 24th that notice came and we have to be out by August 31st with no prospects for anywhere to go.

The stress of the situation and move in April triggered my autoimmune and I ended up having severe vertigo again daily for the first time in 6 years; the vertigo lasted for 3.5 months, and days after it subsided and gave me my body and mind back, the notice to move since the house is being sold came.

In 2021 WashAshore Store had immense growth.  Everything was on track and going well, until we* were notified we would not be able to renew our lease where we moved July 1, 2020 with the intent to stay long term.  We were able to live there 13 months, which is the longest I have lived in any one place in 19 years; we have already moved 13 times in the 6 years since starting WashAshore Store (4 were full moves, 9 were intentionally temporary).

When our plan for the year was forced to change in January 2021, we had the opportunity to move in to a house for April 1 (when I needed to leave the place I was originally going to take over) that was easy enough to access for my two senior dogs with increasing mobility issues, as well as plenty of space for my business to operate and grow.  It is nothing like what we were hoping for, but feels like exactly what we need.

We need to secure housing with plenty of space for me to work enough to have my usual income, as well as a space that is comfortable for my dogs with hip dysplasia and degenerative myopathy to live with me comfortably.

If you have been following WashAshore Store for awhile you know it was “born” at the end of January 2016, a point in my life where I was so sick with my autoimmune issues I couldn’t work and had no financial assistance.  My health has been a struggle for 15 years, and drained any savings I would have had by now, well bills and providing for my animals.

*”We” is myself, my service dog Ember, mastiff Cleo; Pandora, my soul cat, passed while living in the house we were in at that time that was meant to be for a year.


📸Images by Jacqueline, aka “The Briny Babe” on WashAshore Store’s 5 year anniversary in January 2021.