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Help Us Move!  Please read

Help Us Move! Please read

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Help us move by April 1, 2022!

If you do not see the number you would like to contribute use the $1 or $5 for example to select multiple quantities. Ex $15 would be a quantity of 3 $5 or 1 $10 and 1 $5.

Choose whether to participate in a giveaway in April, or not.  Your support means the world to us.

I will post a fundraising update here daily and on Instagram at the end of each Sunday.  The goal is $6,400.

Wednesday March 30, 2022: $2,615.50 of $6,400 needed BY April 1, 2022


The Situation 

In 2021 WashAshore Store had immense growth.  Everything was on track and going well, until we* were notified we would not be able to renew our lease where we moved July 1, 2020 with the intent to stay long term.  We were able to live there 13 months, which is the longest I have lived in any one place in 19 years; we have already moved 13 times in the 6 years since starting WashAshore Store (4 were full moves, 9 were intentionally temporary).

We have the opportunity to move in to a house that is easy access for my two senior dogs with increasing mobility issues, as well as plenty of space for my business to operate and grow.  It is nothing like what we were hoping for, but feels like exactly what we need.

In 2021, since I had seemingly stable living space and was doing well will my businesses, I finally finished paying off all of my medical bills, hoping to raise my credit that is low due to not having any active accounts.  Unfortunately by paying off those remaining bills it removed accounts from my credit history and dropped my credit 100 points, and hasn’t budged in nearly a year.  By paying off thousands in medical bills (that were apparently not adversely effecting my credit) only to have my credit score drop, any living option that requires any decent score would not be an option for us.  

We need to secure housing with plenty of space for me to work enough to have my usual income, as well as a space that is comfortable for my dogs with hip dysplasia and degenerative myopathy to live with me comfortably.

If you have been following WashAshore Store for awhile you know it was “born” at the end of January 2016, a point in my life where I was so sick with my autoimmune issues I couldn’t work and had no financial assistance.  My health has been a struggle for 15 years, and drained any savings I would have had by now, well bills and providing for my animals.

I just hit 7,000 followers on Instagram the other day, and that’s about what we need to afford to move BY April 1, 2022.  Any support you can give, whether contributing and/or sharing, is greatly appreciated.  

*”We” is myself, my service dog Ember, mastiff Cleo, and cat Pandora.


📸Images by Jacqueline, aka “The Briny Babe” on WashAshore Store’s 5 year anniversary in January 2021.