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Kennebunkport, Maine Leashes

Kennebunkport, Maine Leashes

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Custom leashes that require dyed line will be delayed due to COVID-19.  Plaease feel free to message me with any questions regarding ordering.  

This line was found washed ashore and caught in boulders on Cape Island off Cape Porpoise, Maine on July 19, 2018.


These leashes are ideal for pets 20lbs and over.
These leashes are made from 1/2” rope, 6 feet long and feature a solid brass bolt snap and solid brass welded ring spliced in at the handle.

The original Kennebunkport line was cleaned up from Kennebunkport, Maine in November 22, 2017 and only made 16 leashes.

The second batch was cleaned up on July 19, 2018.