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Wondercide Dog Deodorizer

Wondercide Dog Deodorizer

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Fresh™ dog spray uses healing neem oil and soothing essential oils to make any pup smell great between baths! Fresh™ also soothes skin issues that may be causing a pet's stinky smell.

Health Benefits of Dog Deodorizer

Dogs don't naturally smell bad, so if your dog consistently stinks, it could indicate an underlying issue. Unlike most dog perfume or dog deodorant, Fresh™ is actually good for the skin and coat. Instead of just covering up the stinky dog smell, Fresh™ heals and soothes the bacteria, fungus, or skin issues that may be causing Fido's stinky smell.

Dog Perfume with Safe Ingredients

Most dog perfumes use alcohol and artificial fragrances to cover up smells temporarily. In addition to providing only a temporary solution, alcohol dries out your pup's skin, and artificial fragrances irritate a dog's skin, eyes, and nose.

Unlike these dog perfumes, Fresh™ dog deodorizing spray uses only safe, natural ingredients. Nothing artificial here! Plus, our dog deodorant spray is alcohol-free and contains neem oil, so the spray actually moisturizes instead of drying out your dog's skin. Neem oil is even anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so it helps heal any lingering skin issues your dog may have.

Fresh™ dog cologne won't stain carpet, furniture, or flooring, and the spray's pleasant aroma makes other things smell great, too! You can spray Fresh™ dog deodorizing spray on pet bedding and in areas where your dog spends time to keep them smelling Fresh™.

  • No artificial colors
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Pleasant natural aroma
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-staining
  • Natural and non-toxic