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How did you start?

WashAshore Strore started at the end of January 2016 when I found a big tangle of nice cotton blend rope washed ashore in Winthrop, Massachusetts (where I was living at the time).  Check out the "About Us" section of the page for more of our origin story.


Where do you get your rope?

In the beginning all WashAshore Store rope was rope I found washed ashore in Winthrop, Massachusetts and then on Cat Island, Bahamas.  After about a year I was contacted by some local ocean farmers asking if I could also use retired line- they had some to donate.  Now WashAshore Store material is either material found washed ashore or retired from ocean farming and donated.  Each item comes with it's unique story.

Can I donate rope? 

Yes!  If you find rope washed ashore and would like to donate it or have it crafted in to something for yourself message me.  Same thing if you have retired boating or ocean farming lines.


How do I clean my leash?

I recommend machine washing your leashes with other dog items (such as toys and bedding) with cold water and detergent.

How do I clean my combo collar?

The combo collar has a screw rivet attaching the leather piece to the rope section of the collar.  I recommend using a flat head screwdriver to remove the leather piece (be sure to resecure the rivet so you don't loose it), and machine wash the rope part of the collar as you would a leash.  The leather can be wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaned with leather cleaner as needed.


More questions?  Contact us to ask so we can add your questions to this section of the website!