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The Biddeford Leash

The Biddeford Leash

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 This line is 1/2" wide and suitable for dogs 10lbs and up.  These leashes feature a solid brass trigger snap.


History of ”The Biddeford Leash”:

The Thicker Stony Creek line is now permanently SOLD OUT.

Stony Creek, Connecticut: This leash is 6 feet long and features a solid brass bolt snap and solid brass ring spliced in at the handle.  This rope is 1/2” wide.  This gorgeous white poly blend line with red and yellow trace line is retired Connecticut ocean farming line, donated on November 19, 2017.


These 6 foot leashes are handcrafted from line found washed ashore in Biddeford, Maine by P.U.P Bags in July 2018.  


The Portland line available was found washed ashore in Portland, Maine in June 6, 2020.  These leashes feature a solid brass bolt snap and are recommended for dogs 20lbs and over.


 Don’t be deterred by the white, this gorgeous line rinses away dirt with ease!

Cleaning instructions:

Hand rinse or wash with cold waster or wash cold with some detergent in your machine.  If you machine wash  I recommend washing with some other dog items like a bed or blanket to protect the hardware, and machine, from the hardware banging around during the wash cycle.