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Email sent out June 25, 2023:


As some of you may know from an email I sent out to those who have previously purchased ElleVet products from me, as of late I have been ordering 1 to 2 orders per month specifically to fulfill orders placed on the website.  For the 2022 Holiday season I did a significant markdown on all ElleVet products and have left the products at that price for the past several months.

On July 1, 2023 these products will go back to their original pricing on the website, so I am sending this email out now in case anyone would like to stock up or try any of the products while they are at their lowest pricing.  I will be placing my next restock order to fill last week's orders and any orders that may come through as a result of this email on Monday June 26, 2023.

I will also be offering a subscription like program for those who utilize EllePet daily or frequently for their pets like I do for my own dogs.  This program will not be automated but rather you can let me know which product(s) you would like and at what interval.  I will send an invoice prior to the refill date and will fulfill the order upon payment of the invoice.  This is a new program but I wanted to offer it to those who use the products with frequency so that they may continue to save and purchase these products at a discounted rate.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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