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Brand Ambassadors

Below are our current WashAshore Store brand ambassadors.  

These brand ambassadors were specifically asked to become official ambassadors for WashAshore Store due to their ongoing support of shop with their purchases and posts in the early days of WashAshore Store.


Duke and Liberty are two German Shepherds from Ohio.  Their WashAshore Store wardrobe consists of custom full spliced collars and traffic leads with stainless steel hardware- Liberty's is Hyacinth Purple and Duke's is Royal Blue.

Follow them on Instagram @Duke.and.Liberty.the.sheps


Reggie is a miniature chocolate and tan smooth Dachshund from New Jersey.  His WashAshore Store wardrobe consists of a custom 4 foot red leash with brass trigger snap, which his parents purchased via our Etsy shop on September 18, 2016.  

A word from Reggie: "Hi, I'm Reggie! I'm a mischievous one year old Miniature Dachshund living the life with my humans in Hoboken, NJ. I love peanut butter and my favorite things to do are snuggle and be as cozy as physically possible, and playing with my pals at the dog park. Even though I'm small I am super speedy and can hold my own with the big dogs! I may have protested at first, but I'm a big fan of bow ties and bandanas and a warm chunky knit sweater.  My favorite color is red and my leash of choice is my cherry red WashAshore Store leash! My WashAshore Store leash has been my go to leash since the beginning!, no other leashes compare. Not only is my leash trendy and unique, but it is earth friendly and that makes both me and my humans happy!

Follow him on Instagram @Reggie_the_weenie




Saiorse is a 1 year old Irish Wolfhound.  Her WashAshore Store collection consists of a custom fpink fully spliced collar with matching traffic lead and 6 foot leash, a 5 foot Royal Purple leash, a 5 foot Aqua leash with second handle, a 4 foot Cat Island leash, a 4 foot red leash, and a Pink adventure lead; her smaller brothers have their own custom coupler leash too!

"Hi, I'm Saoirse! I'm a 1 year old female Irish wolfhound and I have two older (but smaller) brothers, Rex and Caesar. Rex is an 8 year old miniature pinscher and Caesar is a 6 year old chihuahua mix. We used to live in a little town in Maine but recently moved down to Savannah where our mom just bought a little cottage! To see some of our adventures, follow us on instagram at @saoirsethewolfhound! You'll also get to meet our cousin Charleigh, a 1 year old pit bull mix, and our newest (human) cousin, Baby B!

We love our Washashore Store stuff and highly recommend it. It all started when mom bought me a collar with a matching leash and also bought herself a matching bracelet so we'd be like twins! Since then, she's been slowly adding to our collection."

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