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Elle Calm & Comfort Chews

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I have been using ElleVet for 3 years now and have seen a huge improvement in my senior large breed dogs, one of whom was born with severe hip dysplasia.  These have helped my girls SIGNIFICANTLY in situations with increased anxiety such as certain men and strong wind storms for my Cleo, and high anxiety days for Ember. 

The product for dogs who need help in certain situations.
Emergency situations happen, and that is why we created elleCalm&Comfort.

When your dog doesn’t need help everyday but needs a lot of help in certain situations,
this is the right product. elleCalm&Comfort is our fast working, maximum strength product in a peanut butter flavor “super” chew. If your dog experiences extreme stress or discomfort from:
1 Thunderstorms or fireworks
2 Vet visits
3 Grooming & nail trims
4 Kennels
5 Separation issues
6 Stranger visits
7 Activity or exercise more than usual

5-11 lbs
for urgent use
1/4 chew
1/2 chew
1 chew
2 chews
3 chews
4+ chews
12-20 lbs
21-34 lbs
35-60 lbs
65-100 lbs
100+ lbs
elleCalm&Comfort can help. It works in about an hour to an hour and a half, so you can give your dog a treat ahead of time and then watch him handle stressful situations like a champ!